Profil SMA Quantum Indonesia

Jl. Cimatis-Kalimanggis, Kel. Teak work, Ke. JATI perfect, Bekasi, 17435
Phone. 021 8430 1010, Fax. 021 8430 4444

1. School Profile :
a. Director of Education : Pull. Evianty Iswan
b. Academic and Curriculum Builder : Professor. Dr. Anna Permanasari, M. It.
c. Principal : Janwarisman Damanik, M. It.
d. Vice Principal : Ruth Wulandari, S. Pd. & Imanuddin, S. Pd. I.
and. School Statistics numbers :
f. National School Identification Number :
g. School Status : Swasta Nasional Plus
h. Established year : 2013
i. Class : 10 – 12 ( 3 year)
j. Peminatan program : Specialisation in Social and Mathematics – Healthy
k. Calendar College : From July to June (2 semester)

Since the 2007 with the establishment of the elementary school level to 2012, School Quantum Indonesia has grown into early childhood, SD, SMP Quantum Indonesia. In the school year 2013/2014, Quantum Indonesia established school senior high school level.
The purpose of education in Indonesia Quantum High School is to equip students with emotional intelligence, Adversitus, intellectual, spiritual, personal, and social to live in a world rapidly changing global. Inquirer and trained students to be lifelong learners, have a global perspective, become active citizens and qualified, train students to care about the environment and the community, and respect for diversity. In other words, at the high school level of education, students learn how strategies or ways of learning (learning how to learn) holistic. For the, students should be able to formulate problems, making research / research, interpret, communicate, and work-think-act appropriately and accurately.

3. Vision School
Forefront in shaping the character of young Indonesian noble responsible, intelligent, skilled, achievement, proactive, and love the culture of Indonesia, and ready to face the global era.
a. Leading in appreciation and practice of spiritual values ​​and moral universal in everyday life at school, in home and community.
b. Forefront in demonstrating a responsible attitude.
c. Forefront of the mental attitude that is always looking out (eager to know), critical thinking (critical thinking) and creative (creative thinking), search for problem solving (problem solver), bold and quick decisions in life (making decision), would ask, argued, communicate orally and in writing an effective and efficient (learning and working smart).
d. Forefront of scientific inquiry, the use and utilization of science and technology, utilization of ICT, and excel in academic and non-academic outcomes, as in UAN, race, competition, or other championship.
and. Forefront of skills and achievements in sport, arts and culture, and ICT.
f. Forefront in demonstrating a proactive attitude that is active – participatory in everyday life.
g. Leading in love and live the Indonesian culture and noble values ​​such as tolerance keindonesiaan, diversity, inklusifitas, diversity, plurality, neighborly, decorum, tata krama, adat istiadat, art district, vernacular, harmony, and other aspects that are relevant and important.
h. Forefront of live Pancasila and the Constitution 1945 sebagai citizen of Indonesia.
i. Tedepan in an effort to meet the global era is loaded with global issues (global issues), Times change fast and unpredictable, Times are vulnerable situation intellectual crime, and high competition.

4. Mission School
Creating a quality-oriented education in intellectual, spiritual, and emotionally with implementing the national curriculum and curriculum plus holistic and integrated, through a strategic approach and learning method that is easy and fun, and supported by the school culture conducive.

The school's mission is achieved through the following:
a. Undertake the construction of spiritual values: among others, faith and trust, nilai keillahian, development of religiosity, human values ​​and morality so that the community can better appreciate his faith while respecting and recognizing the plurality in society.
b. Carry out an honest community development, bold, humble, be responsible, give priority to the common good, sikap fair, dare to risk, accept the reality of life, face problems, follow the rules of the game, unruly, consistent, consistent, and self-discipline.
c. Implement positive emotional development- constructive, among others, managing feelings of joy, sad, bold, fear, anxious, worry, stress, angry, joy, disappointed, and so on.
d. Implement the curriculum development: development of the syllabus and lesson plans, evaluation system, muatan lokal, kurikulum plus (a.l. character education and living values).
and. Carry out the development of creative thinking intelligence, open, and critical.
f. Developing utilization of science and technology to develop the academic potential, vocasional skills, and especially life skills.
g. Implement integrative learning, thus each learning does not stand alone but is responsible for developing other aspects of the correlative in all relevant areas.
h. Implement a conducive learning, cozy, and exciting for the community to learn continuously.

5. Day-to-Day Activities
Open daily activities at school or hour by hour preparation for homeroom 10 minute preparations containing learning activities, both physically and spiritually. Students earn time off twice, 20 minutes for the first break and 45 minutes for the second break. At the first break opportunities, students can fill it with breakfast, snack, a walk in the corridor or school environment. The second recess begins with worship activities, lunch, and personal activities. During recess, students are required to be out of class because the class will be trimmed and cleaned again. Day-to-day activities will be closed with reflection and review activities together during homeroom 15 minute.
Students can provide leadership and teacher visits to BK on Tuesday and Friday, and the psychologist in every Monday with a minimum duration 30 minute. Students take part in kurplus, both vocational and sports on every Wednesday. Personal Service Activities (CPP) attach the student service, Inflamed atau internship, and Community Service Activities (KPK) or community service is also performed every Wednesday.
Quantum Indonesia SMA organize teaching and learning activities for 38 week, divided into quarterly ie UTS 1, UAS 1, UTS 2, and UKK, and two semesters.

6. Use of Language
As a national school, Quantum Indonesia SMA must use Indonesian language as the medium of learning and teaching activities, except in the subjects of English language. However, schools require the use of English as the language of instruction in communication and interaction between citizens of the school, in addition to Indonesian. To support this, schools provide hours of learning English for Non-Native Speakers who aims to foster the habit of courage and communicate in English.

7. Facilities
We organize the classroom environment that challenges and inspires students to learn and acquire meaningful learning outcomes. We provide classroom subjects such as class peminatan IPS, peminatan class science, math class, and the language classroom equipped with computers, TV, and infocus. In addition, Our school is also equipped with a computer lab equipped internet service, Language Lab, Lab Sains (Physics, Chemical, Biologists), library, Modern and Traditional Music Studio, cinematography space, Graphic design space, BK space and psychological counseling, library, gym space, swimming pool, mini soccer field, canteen, UKS, and a very spacious parking area.