Rating System

Assessment is an integral part of the school curriculum. This assessment is a source of information for teachers in order to improve the quality of learning. Assessment was also performed to evaluate student progress, so it needs to be done through a variety of strategies. Collaboration between teachers and students would be important that the students know the assessment criteria used, able to perform self-evaluation, and has responsibility for all parts of the learning process.

Regarding this assessment, principles espoused by SMP Quantum Indonesia, among others:

  1. Assessment should be done in a variety of forms, gather information from a variety of contexts and using a variety of methods to address the needs of students, learning objectives, and the scope of the assessment. Variations can be reflected in assessment methods assessment plan developed in the lesson plan (RPP) each subject.
  2. Both formal and informal assessment should be included in the assessment plan developed in each subject.
  3. The entire formal assessment should be carried out with a valid assessment criteria and transparent, meaning that all students know the assessment criteria.
  4. The assessment process is based on the authentic assessment. That is to say, tests are used to measure the ability of students, not inability. Therefore, assessment can be done in every meeting.
  5. Peak activity of subjects (performance, project, and products) is including one student evaluation.
  6. Academic integrity is emphasized in the assessment procedure.


Here is some kind of progress reports to be provided to parents / guardians of students.

1. Grades in Progress Report (Middle Rapor Semester)
This report card is given in the middle of the semester with the goal of providing information to parents as early as possible on the development of your son / daughter at school. Thus, if any problems can be detected early and dealt with more quickly and accurately.

2. Descriptive Report (Rapor Deskripsi)
This report card contains information on the level of achievement of the cognitive competence (subject matter), affective (Characters students), and psychomotor (proficiency praksis). This Rapor the end of each semester in order that parents obtain a comprehensive overview of the development of students.

3. Score Report (Rapor Akhir)
This Rapor the end of each semester, contains a numeric value that indicates the ability of students in the academic field. Values ​​obtained in this rapor a reflection of some of the assessment process, among others, the value of everyday tasks, value of the project, value appearance (performance), nilai tes formatif, nilai UTS, and value UAS.

4. Psychology Development Report (Psychological Development Rapor)
This Rapor the end of each semester containing the description of psychological development of students as a reflection on the parents of the students in the school psychological development.